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January 31, 2010

Oh, it’s a hotly debated issue in the touring cyclist world. Panniers vs. trailer. It’s the Mac vs. PC. The Cats vs. Dogs. But I don’t care. I made a decision and this is it.

This lil’ Bob Yak trailer, whom I have christened Zimmerman, can carry 70lbs if needed. I am actually trying to keep the load down to around 50lbs or less. Now, you might be saying to yourself:

“But Janeen, you’re not leaving until May. Why did you get this so soon?”

That’s a very astute observation. The answer is because I would like to do some trial runs with it before I find myself out on the road and trying to drag a large hunk of my life up the side of a mountain. It’s still too early of course, but I’m very much a knock-out-the-kinks-sooner-rather-than-later kind of gal. I think in April I might do a two or three day tour somewhere, either upstate NY or out Long Island somewhere. This will also be an opportunity to get my schtick together and see just how I’m going to share the trip with the world. Or at least the 20 people who are following me.

KICKSTARTER UPDATE: With 76 days to go, I’m just over $500 away from my goal! That’s so awesome – thanks everyone who’s supported me so far! I actually get giddy when strangers throw some bucks towards it. I’m kind of hoping more people I don’t know will throw in for the Private Eyes reward. It’s kind of thrilling. If you’d like to contribute, you can back the project here.

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    February 19, 2010

    Looking forward to reading about your trip.

    #3 talent artist. I love your Poster!!

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    October 26, 2010

    would love to hear your experience using the trailer. Thanks in advance, Glenn.


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