Welcome, Mr. Zimmerman

Oh, it’s a hotly debated issue in the touring cyclist world. Panniers vs. trailer. It’s the Mac vs. PC. The Cats vs. Dogs. But I don’t care. I made a decision and this is it. This lil’ Bob Yak trailer, whom I have christened Zimmerman, can carry 70lbs if needed. I am actually trying to keep the load down to around 50lbs or less. Now, you might be saying to yourself: “But Janeen, you’re not leaving until May. Why did you get this so soon?” That’s a very astute observation. The answer is because I would like to do some …

A steed is purchased

I’m not going to say what it is until I pick it up, But today I ponied up for a new pony. This one will see me through the winter, and hopefully across the country in May. Sad to say that this won’t be the final cost. I’ve left it in the capable hands of Toga to build some new wheels and add a whole lotta odds and sods to it. It will be a machine! I already have a name picked out.