In 2010, I set out to ride across the United States of America with my bike, Precious. It was hugely successful. Eventually. I crashed. Hard. On Day 4. I then had a helicopter flight I don’t remember, and was found to have a badly fractured wrist and a pretty bad concussion. And this is where stubbornness – and some would say stupidness – comes in. I became determined to finish the ride in 2010. After seven weeks in a cast, and weeks of intensive therapy. I was finally allowed to ride my bike. I did 180 miles in two weeks wearing a carbon fiber wrist brace and a grimace.

And then, I restarted. Exactly where I crashed.

This experience will be a book one day. But until then, here is the account of that trip. It starts out very ‘thin’ on description, but one day I realized that my book may never be published, the story never told, and how useful is that? It was then I found the groove of how I want to tell this story. This blog became what is essentially a first draft of that book. A skeleton, on which I will build the flesh upon. Until then, enjoy the bones.


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