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Groundhog Day Edition


The Tour de Tree. Five Days, 10 stages, mucho hurt. There is only one rule: All riders must complete a loop of the Mother Tree during a stage or risk disqualification. The following is an account of the third edition of this tour.

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Rebecca's Private Idaho

Sawtooth Beasts they Come Undone

There’s poetry to riding a bicycle. A rhythm. A tempo. The percussion of the chain as it reverbs over terrain, the gear-shift melody, the rattling of a loosening bottle cage in a syncopated tick, which amplifies the verse as it flows through your mind.

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Dirty Kanza 200


You. You are a frivolous person. A frivolous person with frivolous thoughts that spin and cartwheel on the front lawn of your mind. Legs flinging, knees bent, your thoughts less perfect with each rotation. Less complete and full.

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TOUR DE TREE Sawtooth Beasts they Come Undone A MEDITATION ON SELF Day 58: Ride Across the USA