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Meet Precious

December 8, 2009

Well, I’m now the proud owner of a modified 2010 Specialized Tricross Comp. Modified in the sense that I had the wheels switched out to more hard-wearing touring wheels for my planned trip across these great United States. I also had it converted to a triple, to tackle what I’m sure is going to be just hours of fun on the Appalachians! And the Rockies!

When I add the TransAmerica section to this site (still working on it), I’ll give a rundown of everything this bike is and can be. At the moment, I’m cranking around on it in some gnarly cold weather and commuting to work on it. I love it. I mean, I REALLY LOVE IT.

I named him Precious. Not like the movie that just came out, but like the ring in that other movie. You know the one. I is drawn to it. 🙂

More photos here, including one where I’m pretty sure he’s being blessed.

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    ron krofft (roan)

    April 20, 2010

    I’m not sure what I like more you or Precious. I’ve been a fan since Fatty posted your 100MoN video. I’m looking forward to your journey. I’ll try to get to Astoria, OR(my favorite foreign country) for the end of the TransAM.
    Like how you got Precious’ feet wet in Prospect Park.
    Your web entries bring a warmth to my heart, but Precious steals it.


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    April 20, 2010

    Geez, Roan, that won’t make his ego swell at all!

    But thanks. I’ll pass it on. Precious doesn’t read my blog. He thinks I’m too obtuse.

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    ron krofft (roan)

    April 23, 2010

    Ya know I never thought to name my bikes, other than their brand name/model.
    You need not worry about Precious’ ego once you tell him that Mr. Zimmerman is going along for the ride.
    I’ve a Beast of Burden that goes by the name Ibex…thinking about naming my touring bike Comet and when the BoB Ibex is attached …the Comet’s “Tail”. And depending on the steepness of the climb, Comet may transform into a donkey and “Tail” still applies.
    The 100MoN is only about 2 weeks away and as I sat and pondered where to ride, a bird alighted over my stable door…Quoth the Raven…”Marymoor”.

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    ron krofft (roan)

    April 25, 2010

    Noodle, I’ve been reading some of your posts today 4/25/10…no rain pants, 3 1/2 months…hummmm. If this year is like last most riders (on the northern tier) got soaked.
    I have a new (still with tags) cannondale LE carbon size medium. YOUR’s for the asking.
    OH YES free too. just sent me an address to and I’ll drop them in the mail.
    PS I’m not a twitter person yet, you may be the one to push me there is summer.

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    August 16, 2010

    Just found your blog and Precious’ twitter connection. What an incredible challenge (and I thought walking three days for breast cancer was a doozy)! Look for our donation soon – you have fans in Yardley, PA and we’ll be following you! Ride on!


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