Meet Precious

Well, I’m now the proud owner of a modified 2010 Specialized Tricross Comp. Modified in the sense that I had the wheels switched out to more hard-wearing touring wheels for my planned trip across these great United States. I also had it converted to a triple, to tackle what I’m sure is going to be just hours of fun on the Appalachians! And the Rockies! When I add the TransAmerica section to this site (still working on it), I’ll give a rundown of everything this bike is and can be. At the moment, I’m cranking around on it in some …

A steed is purchased

I’m not going to say what it is until I pick it up, But today I ponied up for a new pony. This one will see me through the winter, and hopefully across the country in May. Sad to say that this won’t be the final cost. I’ve left it in the capable hands of Toga to build some new wheels and add a whole lotta odds and sods to it. It will be a machine! I already have a name picked out.