Sometimes dirt don’t hurt

August 12, 2009

What do you do when you’re back on the farm near the small town of Manilla in Australia, unfamiliar with the area (it’s not the farm you grew up on, but a different one), and have an old Trek 820 to ride? You strap on the GoPro and go for a burl. I found this great back road that took me off and away from my parent’s farm, threw me on some nice scenic detours alongside neighboring farms, then looped me back to the asphalt about a mile away from the front gate. It became my favorite ride while I was there, simply because it was rolling hills, with some fantastic fast gravel straightaways (with the occasional “Slow Dip”, which I never slowed down for) and fresh winter air. Twenty three miles of joy. On this particular ride, I saw one car. One car!

Quiet. Beautiful. Australia.

And not too hot, because it was winter.

Thank god for the GoPro. I plan to take the raw footage of these rides and make some mega videos to watch while suffering through the New York winter on my rollers. Just on days when I can’t balaclava up and brave the elements. Snow days and the like. A video like the one above probably has about an hours worth of footage. Mix that up with other rides I’ve taken all over the place and I should be able to create some nice mashups to keep the sessions interesting.



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