Sparrow Hill Ride Video

A ride with Matthias in August in Australia. Second time riding on single track and I did much better than the day before. More confident – I think because there was less chance of me falling off the side of a mountain. The bike was a rental (Norco Nitro), and I wasn’t clipped in so I had one less thing to worry about. Not as much technical stuff as the Mt Stromlo track the day before. I enjoyed it more, but would love to get more practice to tackle the more technical rides and downhills. Sadly, don’t have a MTB …

Bear Mountain Video

The Bear Mountain ride is a pilgrimage every NY cyclist must make. It makes you forget you live in a crowded metropolis (though there are actually plenty of great choices for rides in this magnificent city). On this day, I headed out with some people from the NY Cycle Club. They were used to riding together, and a reasonably fast group – I hope I didn’t slow them down too much, though I felt like I was keeping up ok. On this day, I found out that I don’t suck at climbing as much as I thought I did. In …

Times Square at Night Video

From Grand Central over to the Westside bike path. Shot after the Bear Mountain Ride after catching the train back from Cold Springs.

Sometimes dirt don’t hurt

What do you do when you’re back on the farm near the small town of Manilla in Australia, unfamiliar with the area (it’s not the farm you grew up on, but a different one), and have an old Trek 820 to ride? You strap on the GoPro and go for a burl. I found this great back road that took me off and away from my parent’s farm, threw me on some nice scenic detours alongside neighboring farms, then looped me back to the asphalt about a mile away from the front gate. It became my favorite ride while I …

101 miles in 12 minutes Video

A self-invented century ride from Brooklyn, NY to Stony Point Lighthouse, NY. Tried out a different config of the GoPro chesty with it mounted at the top of the plate. Had some trouble with the angle – it pointed down too much. Would recommend the hanging upside-down config for future rides. Just as much knee action, but more horizon line. Music is “The Past is a Grotesque Animal” by Of Montreal. Buy it. Awesome.