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“100 Miles of Nowhere” on Rollers

May 24, 2009

I always imagined my first century ride would be somewhere scenic. And with other riders.

But the challenge of this century – the 100 Miles of Nowhere – is that it has to be on rollers, your trainer, or the smallest route possible. I chose rollers.

If you’re inspired by this ride, donate to the Fat Cyclist’s Livestrong page. That’s what it’s all for kids!

Music: The Killers cover of Joy Division’s “Shadowplay”
Visit http://fatcyclist.com for inspiration daily. WIN SUSAN!

And no, I did not eat all that food on the day. Particularly the 100 mile marker chocolate pudding (which was supposed to represent chocolate GU, but I couldn’t find any)

UPDATE: Sadly, Susan Nelson has passed away. The fight continues. FIGHT LIKE SUSAN!

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    May 6, 2010

    Very cool! You had me laughing my ass off when I saw that bottle of Guinness, it must have really been a wonderful reward!


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