Glory Days

So awesome, I ordered a print for the bike shed (i.e. my apartment). Now to get it framed and hung in an inspirational place. You can order this print and more from the awesome set at Redbubble.

A steed is purchased

I’m not going to say what it is until I pick it up, But today I ponied up for a new pony. This one will see me through the winter, and hopefully across the country in May. Sad to say that this won’t be the final cost. I’ve left it in the capable hands of Toga to build some new wheels and add a whole lotta odds and sods to it. It will be a machine! I already have a name picked out.

Trying out the Flip Ultra HD

The ride out to Nyack is a standard training ride for New Yorkers. Up the side of the island from Brooklyn for me, then over the GWB and up 9W, through Piermont, on to Nyack, then back again. An alternate and infinitely more beautiful route is to turn left after crossing the GWB and go down to the start of River Road. It takes you under the bridge and alongside the Hudson through some absolutely stunning terrain. And it culminates in a lovely climb up Alpine Hill – at least I think it’s called that. Then you get back on …