MUSIC. RESPONSE. | “Wings Over America” by Paul McCartney

December 29, 2020

Twenty-twenty. The year when live music stage dived into a pit filled with heaving, hot bodies, and died, after which we were all forced to join a cloud crowd…


Music. Response. | “In my own Time” by Karen Dalton

December 28, 2020
“Yesterday, any way you made it was just fine.” These are the first words you hear Karen Dalton sing on “In My Own Time,” and in 2020, I made it with a little help from my record friends. This was one of them.

MUSIC. RESPONSE. | “Red Headed Stranger” by Willie Nelson

December 27, 2020
Music is like a jangly set of keys to a secret door. I don’t care how tightly guarded your thought fortress is, or what secrets you think you’re hiding in that head of yours, as the Village People told us, you can’t stop it.

DK and the Holy Grail

January 17, 2020
The Gravel Grail signifies that you've finished the DK200 five times. As our Knight of the Round Slayble discovers, getting it is not as easy as it sounds.
Epic Rides Ride Reports

Varying degrees of DK

August 1, 2018
Every year since the first ride report, I’ve debated about whether I needed to do another race report on my Dirty Kanza. Fortunately, every year is different, and every year it still catches me off-guard.